The Cove at the Piazza reshapes a mostly hardscaped urban space by introducing landscape gardens and a variety of wellness, fitness, and recreation spaces. While the original scale of the Piazza was well suited for large events, its new configuration creates a series of smaller spaces that are better suited for day to day use.  Inverting familiar forms and sensations of urban life, the space is transformed into something unexpected, calming, and cleansing.


The Cove consists of a new garden-centered pool complex and the conversion of vacant interior space into a new fitness and wellness center. Triangular shaped garden pavilions subdivide the Piazza into smaller-scaled landscape spaces and house program spaces for the pools. The pavilions are linked by freestanding translucent and reflective green glass panels that visually double the scale of the gardens on the more public side while providing some privacy for pool guests on the other. This ‘invisible’ fence stitched between the sculptural pavilions blurs the threshold between public and private, and between architecture and landscape.



2020 aia phil piazza 6
The primary material of this new landscape is light. Abstract, simple pavilions chart the sun’s path, which warms some surfaces, shades others, and projects animated shadows. Water reflects rippled light onto the surrounding smooth surfaces, while the garden plantings cast ornamental shadows and add seasonal color.  
2020 aia phil piazza 8



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